Police Officers Get Bombarded By Snowballs And Decide To Join In On The Fun

After snow fell in Raleigh, North Carolina, several police officers went to Lion’s Park to make sure the children outside playing were safe and also to have a bit of fun in the snow themselves.

One of the officers, Officer J.D. Boyd regularly keeps the community informed of happenings on his beat through social media. On this particular day, with snow falling throughout the city he jokingly asked if he could borrow a sled for patrol, followed soon after by the question “Community snowball fight, anyone?”

The kids answered the call and soon the officers were being bombarded by snowballs and challenging kids to sled races down the hill.

It’s really heartwarming to see police officers making themselves more approachable and connecting with youngsters in activities that are fun and make everyone smile.

Officer Boyd said afterwards, “This was honestly one of the most fun days I’ve ever had at work. Took a bunch of crashes but getting to play in the snow with the kids at the park was so much fun. I love the beat I ride and the people who live in it. Thanks to everyone who has made me feel like a part of your community and not just the guy who comes to take your reports when something bad happens to you!”

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