Police Dog Under Suspicion For Stealing Fellow Officer’s Lunch

Stealing is a crime. But someone tell that to Officer Ice. The Wyandotte Police Department says they’ve launched an investigation after the lunch from one of their officers disappeared under suspicious circumstances.

It didn’t take long for them to track down their prime suspect. But they are having a bit of trouble getting a confession. That’s because Officer Ice isn’t talking…and is a police dog.

The Wyandotte Police Department recently shared a hilarious post on social media of how Officer Ice came under scrutiny and posed the question to their social media followers as how best to proceed.

“Stealing is not only a crime but it is morally wrong too. Some jobs, like that of being a police officer, require you to take an oath prior to starting. Within the officer’s sworn oath is the promise to protect person’s property,” the post began.

“That being said, it saddens me to report that a current officer of the Wyandotte Police Department is under investigation for stealing!”

The police department laid out the facts as they know thus far: “The incident happened two days ago at the station. Ofc. Barwig was eating lunch in the breakroom when he was called to assist with a person in the WPD jail. He quickly jumped into service, leaving his half eaten lunch on the table.”

“A short while later Barwig and another officer returned to the breakroom only to find Ofc,” they continued. “Ice leisurely strolling out of the room licking his chops. Barwig’s entire lunch was gone…disappeared, vanished!”

“Ofc. Ice has invoked his fifth amendment right to remain silent and quite frankly is not cooperating with the investigation,” they continue. “He has a history of rummaging through trash cans that are within his reach. There have been several other accusations of him taking food right from coworker’s hands as they walk by.”

The police department concluded their post by writing, “WPD will consider our Facebook followers opinions on how to proceed with this investigation.”

It didn’t take long for them to get feedback. “He’s the goodest boy cleaning up after other officers,” one reader commented on the Facebook post.

“Finders keepers,” wrote another. “Possession is 9/10th of the law. Case dismissed. Defamation case and belly rubs compensation awarded.”

Another astute reader wrote, “Innocent until proven guilty…show me the evidence. P.S. give him a hug for me.”

Many pointed out it was all circumstantial evidence. One lawyer wrote, “I’ll be this officer’s attorney pro bono if need be. If the teeth don’t fit you must acquit.”

“Someone is setting him up!” another user said.

In all, the request for input into Ofc Ice’s investigation got over 6000 comments. So many, in fact, that the police department provided an update a few days later:

“Dozens of attorneys have offered to defend Ofc Ice pro- bone- o,” Wyandotte Police Department wrote. “We have been threatened with massive protests if we move forward with our investigation and/or charges. Plus the overall public just doesn’t believe he is guilty. No video has been produced….” So the department concluded that Ofc Ice “will not face any internal discipline or criminal charges.”  They added, “The public has spoken.”

They also shared that a local supporter also voiced their support of Ofc Ice in a special way.

“Matter of fact one of his local supporters, Lunch Wyandotte, dropped him off a custom made sandwich today because they felt like he wasn’t being fed enough. Side note, they threw the officers a tray of sammies too!”  One viewer did note, however, that Ice got the biggest sandwich.

Case closed!

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