Two Heroes Save Frightened Pit Bulls Surrounded By Flood Waters

As thousands of people evacuated their homes in Louisiana because of historic flooding, many individuals turned their efforts to helping the people and animals left behind.

Two volunteer rescuers, Mike Anderson and Darrell Watson, took out a boat and began searching for signs of life in the neighborhoods in Baton Rouge.

That’s when they spotted two Pit Bulls trapped by the floodwaters and needing help. The water is nearly reaching the roofs of the houses when they come across a young black puppy clinging to the edge of a chain-link fence. The fence was the only refuge from the rising waters.

Anderson posted a video of their first rescue on Facebook. Please wait a few seconds for the videos to load.

Next, came the rescue of a white Pit Bull also perched on top of the chain link fence. The poor dog looks desperate as the men paddle to him.

Both times, Anderson quickly lifts the dogs into the boat. The two dogs were water-logged but safe thanks to the two men’s efforts.

Earlier in the week, volunteer rescuers saved a woman and her dog trapped in a sinking car. The Denham Springs Animal Shelter was also engulfed in the rising flood waters on August 12, 2016. The dedicated staff and volunteers fought to save as many animals as possible from the flood waters, eventually having to unlatch the kennel doors and let the dogs and cats swim out and climb onto the roof.

Good Samaritans broke down the gates of the shelter to reach the animals with their boats and rescued as many of the animals they could. Thankfully, they were able to save the majority of animals.

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