Heroic Pit Bull Saves Missing Elderly Woman With Alzheimer’s

When an elderly woman suffering from Alzheimer’s wandered away from her home on a cold winter’s night, her caregiver immediately called police, who sent out a search part and a helicopter to look for the old woman. But it ended up being a Pit Bull in the neighborhood who found and rescued her!

Cara Jones was out walking her Pit bull, Creature, late at night when the 2-year-old dog kept drawing her attention to the brush nearby. She didn’t know what to make of it at first, thinking Creature was curious about an animal, but when she went to investigate she found the elderly woman lying on the ground barefoot and suffering from hypothermia.

Cara knows that Pit Bulls often get a bad rap, but she knows Creature is a true hero. “Pit bulls never get any recognition for doing something good,” Cara said at the time. “Here’s a chance to say something good about a pit bull.”

The elderly woman’s family is also eternally grateful to the Pit Bull who saved her life.

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