Rescued Pit Bull Reluctant To Leave Plum Box He Was Found In

This starving Pit Bull was “holed up in a plum box” when he was rescued by Lifeline Animal Project. The poor dog was very sad and afraid, so much so he curled up in the cardboard box and wouldn’t leave it.

But eventually his rescuers were able to coax him into a comfortable kennel and let him come and go as he pleased.

“Plum” quickly bonded with employees at the rescue and just a month later he was adopted! Plum’s attitude has changed dramatically in just a short time It’s amazing to see!

His mom, Meloni, says that Plum is very silly and sweet.

It’s incredible to see the difference in Plum’s appearance from when he was first rescued.

Melonie says that her other dog took to Plum right away.

He loves to carry around his stuffies but his sibling loves to tear the stuffing out of them.

He keeps watch with the cats.

Plum loves his pack.

Plum is enjoying a happy life now, a complete change from the one he had before and he is so grateful for his second chance!

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