Pit Bull Who Loves Fostering Kittens Adores Visits To The Grandparents Even More

Meet Kairo, a Pit Bull whose two favorite things in the world are kittens and visits to his grandparents.

His mom, Katrina, fosters kittens and says that Kairo is always very eager to help. He loves to say ‘hi’ to them and will let her know when they are hungry. He loves them so much that he wants to be with them 24/7 and pouts outside the door where they stay if he’s not allowed to see them.

But when Kairo sulks, Katrina does the one thing she knows will cheer him up – a visit to grandpa and grandma!

Just wait until you see how much Kairo loves his grandparents and looks forward to “couch cuddles” with them. Adorable!

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