Pit Bull Absolutely Loves Being An ‘Uncle’ To Foster Puppies

A 65-pound Pit Bull named Thunder absolutely loves helping his human mom foster puppies. He loves it so much that he stays up through the sleepless nights when she bottle feeds newborns. And when the pups grow bigger he helps teach them many things.

Thunder’s mom discovered her dog’s love of fostering when she brought home two newborn pitties, Fig and Fern. Thunder immediately began keeping watch as she fed them at all hours of the night.

When the pups were a few weeks old, Thunder would bring the pups toys to play with. Fig and Fern were so curious about their fun-loving “uncle” that they  soon began copying whatever he did and playing with him. He even taught them how to ‘sit’!

The Dodo

Once they were 8 weeks old, Fern and Fig were ready to go to their adopted family which made Thunder very sad. But he didn’t stay sad for very long because a pair of new puppies arrived home to be fostered!

Thunder’s mom says that whenever new puppies come home to be fostered Thunder jumps for joy! See for yourself in the cute video below:

Thunder’s mom also added that she’s so grateful for his help – he’s a great role model and he is so good to the pups!

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