Pit Bull Convinces Woman Who Saved Her From Neglect Her To Keep Her Forever

Rose lived in a neglected home where she was being kept in a crate for days at a time and wasn’t getting any attention or care. Maddy learned of Rose’s living conditions from a friend who told her about their roommate’s dog, Rose.

Maddy advised her friend to tell the man to “shape up or ship out” – either become a responsible dog owner or find Rose another home where she would be looked after. Regrettably, he didn’t. That’s when Maddy had enough and went to get Rose.

If the guy didn’t give Rose up Maddy would call the police. Fortunately, when she arrived, she learned the guy had left town and had left Rose. He had neglected the dog to the very end, leaving Rose in the crate without food or water.

Although, Maddy is a broke grad student, she fell for Rosie’s charms and couldn’t not take care of her. Maddy took Rose home and began to foster her. She quickly learned that Rose really liked to eat and that she is a very loving dog. Rose kept up the charm until Maddy knew she couldn’t live without her.

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