How To Make A Pill Bottle Survival Kit

If you are a person who likes to be prepared for any situation then this step-by-step tutorial for making a mini survival kit that fits in a pill bottle! The pocket-sized survival kit might just help get you through an emergency situation and it can be assembled for just a few dollars. There are lots of variations for what you can include in your survival kit, but the video below includes the following items:

– matches
– cotton balls
– pain relief cream and gel
– salt
– fishing line
– safety pins
– razor blade
– thread and needle
– CD mirror
– band aids
– whistle
– candle
– duct tape

Have you made your own survival kit? If you have what item do you believe is a “must have”?

For myself, I might want to add some aluminum foil; it would be good for cooking or using as a reflective device. And I’d include a few aspirins and ibuprofen.

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