16 Times Pets Scared the Poop Out of Their Owners

Have you ever been scared by your pet? You look over at them and your heart drops only to realize it’s not what it looks like? These pet owners have and they have the photos to prove it.

It turns out that most  of the time these unpleasant surprises are our eyes playing tricks on us and it’s only an optical illusion. So it’s not like our dogs and cats are purposely trying to scare us. But that doesn’t make the visual any less funny or any less frightening. Check out these hilarious pictures of cats and dogs who almost gave their owners a heart attack. Almost.

This long dog has a section missing!

This dog with pinecone in his mouth made his human think they’d encountered Carcharoth, also known as the Red Maw, and the greatest werewolf who ever lived from Lord of the Rings.

I think I found Carcharoth from r/prancingponypod

This dog took a break from chewing on his rawhide to scare the sh** out of his human.

My dog its trying to scare the shit out of me from funny

This cat owner “nearly had a heart attack” when she thought her cat’s leg went missing. Those fuzzy toys can really be deceiving.

Twitter @aleashuhh

This prompted a dog owner’s response. CerenGookce’s dog grew an extra appendage! (Plus, poor teddy!)

Twitter @CerenGookce

Candy the Corgi got into some fruit jam (or was it dragon fruit) and it looked like a massacre!

This peek-a-boo cat freaked out their human.

That spooked the shit out of me ._. from r/funny

This Twitter user’s dog prompted a social media firestorm. Had her dog turned into a goat? Some weird animal?

Twitter @govingatagle

When a kitten got into a package of paprika, their human got quite the fright.

Cat gave me a scare this morning

Tiger! No wait…

Look at the bengal tiger… no, no, wait… from r/funny

This pet parent got woken up in the middle of the night to a notification that their security camera detected motion. “Cue instant heart attack.”

A contortionist dog created all kinds of confusion (and alarm).

I think my dog is broken

When this human’s dog fell asleep under their daughter’s pillow it was a big-headed surprise.

My dog fell asleep under my daughter’s pillow and nearly gave me a heart attack

Tomatoes were once known as the “devil’s fruit.”

My dog almost gave me a heart attack today, I thought she attacked our other dog outside and had blood all over her face. Then I saw a seed and realized she got into the tomatoes. from r/AnimalsBeingDerps

Ever been in a garage, moving things around when you see something that makes your heart jump?

Moving things around in the garage. About gave me a heart attack. from r/AnimalsBeingDerps

There’s nothing quite like a real life Cerberus at the door to get the blood pumping!

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