People Living At Garbage Dump Help Rescue Injured Cow

Animals don’t only have to be rescued from natural disasters. There are many disasters caused by man-made pollution. This is the case for the animals and for the poverty-stricken people who forage among the filth and garbage dumps in India searching for plastic and metal scraps.

In this video, Animal Aid Unlimited was called to a city dump by the people living there to help rescue a young cow who was unable to stand. Despite these people’s own poverty, they came forward to help an animal in need.

“The cow’s location was the city dump, where many animals forage for food amidst the garbage. We found out when our ambulance reached that it was one of the young people who search by hand in the garbage who had called us,” the rescue charity writes. “A group of the garbage pickers came together to help us shift the cow into our ambulance.”

They took the stricken cow back to their shelter to give her medical aid and just look at Mabel today!