Terrified Stray Goes From Sickly To Prison To “Perfect” Thanks To Rescuers

This series of videos follows one dog’s amazing journey from the time of her rescue as a stray dog with a severe case of mange, to her care with Michigan Humane Society and training through their prison outreach program, and through to her adoptive home!

American Strays canine census volunteer Cathy Gray of Refurbished Pets first discovered the terrified and visibly hurt young dog while counting strays in Michigan. Cathy called for help from the Michigan Humane Society, who dispatches Humane Officer Chris Oewerkerk to pick up the stricken pup.

The dog was named Penelope (or Penny for short). She had a serious case of demodectic mange and following a period of time rehabilitating at Michigan Humane Society’s Detroit Center for Animal Care, Penny was sent home with Cathy, who sent her to prison to enter a canine “good behavior” program there.

Penny graduated the prison program with flying colors and in this final video of her story, World Animal Awareness Society visits Penny and her new adoptive family to see how she’s doing. It turns out Penny is in heaven. She loves her new family, loves to be cuddled and has a wonderful playmate with her family’s other adoptive dog, Barkley.

It’s a wonderful story seeing Penny go from a sick, homeless dog to an “absolute sweetheart” who is dearly loved by her new family!

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