Frantic Otter Being Chased By Orca Jumps Onto Man’s Boat

When boaters in Alaska witnessed an otter being chased by an orca they never imagined they would become involved in the life and death encounter.

John Dornellas was on his boat in Halibut Cove, Alaska when he spotted the otter around 200 yards away. Fleeing the killer whale, the large otter swam furiously towards John’s boat with the orca in pursuit.

With seconds to spare, the otter jumped up onto the transom of the boat! The whale began circling John’s boat, reluctant to give up his prey.

John Dornellas

John revealed to T&T Creative Media that “a game of cat-and-mouse followed, with the otter hopping back into the water in an attempt to get away, only for the orca to chase it back up again three or four times.”

John Dornellas

Don didn’t move the boat in fear of hurting either of the animals. His fellow captain, Chantrelle Major filmed the encounter from her boat next to John’s. She captures the whale continuing to approach John’s vessel in hopes of snagging the otter and the two can be heard conversing as to what to do in the video.

The incredible footage filmed by both captains can be seen in the video below:

Eventually, the orca swam a distance away so John started up his boat and headed out. The otter eventually jumped off his boat when they were safely away from the orca.

John said he later learned the orca that was thwarted in his meal is the largest whale in its pod.


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