Orphaned Baby Otter Follows Kids Home From River

A group of kids were playing at a riverbed in South Africa when a tiny baby otter appeared and approached to them. The kids looked for the African clawless otters’s den (and mother) but couldn’t find one. And when the baby otter followed them all the way home they knew he needed help. They reached out to Candice at Ikhala Veterinary Wildlife Services and when she got “Oscar” back to the refuge she began feeding the kitten. “He was so perfect,” she told the Dodo. He was also very soft and fluffy and she couldn’t resist nursing him in bed.

Shortly after, Candice learned that Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital also had an orphaned otter, and so Oscar was soon flown out to them (thanks to the wonderful folks at The Bateleurs) where he met Toto.

Toto was a bit bigger than Oscar, but he caught up with her and the soon began their rehabilitation process together, which was both wonderful and necessary for their survival!

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