Opera Tenor Ricardo Marinello Sings At McDonald’s And Surprises Diners

Ricardo Marinello is an opera tenor who won Germany’s Got Talent. As a tenor he sings all over the world and eats in restaurants all over the world too. Recently, he dined closer to home visiting a McDonald’s restaurant in Essen, Germany.

While eating, he suddenly starts singing and gives a free concert much to the diners and staff’s delight!

Viewers were also impressed. One person wrote, “That was incredible! It gives you chills. It was refreshing to see people smiling for a change. Folks taking a moment to enjoy something beautiful, IS beautiful. I noticed some kids who were enthralled as well. Such a cool video! What a talent!”

Other viewers observed that Marinello had a fry in his hand when he hit the high notes. “Man’s really hyped about his fries, hahaha,” wrote one viewer.

Commented another, “He’s singing for more fries, give the man more fries McD!”

Although we defintely don’t think Marinello is singing for his dinner, we do think he enjoyed his meal and entertaining the crowd!

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