Neglected Horse Makes A Miraculous Recovery

Rescuers were shocked when they arrived at the farm where Benny was living. The horse had been severely neglected and was clearly starving and waiting to die. But Last Stop Horse Rescue refused to give up on him. They took him back to their farm and determined he weighed 562 pounds, nearly half of what he should weigh. Slowly but surely they began to rehabilitate Benny. This video follows his progress from a dying horse to one full of life.

Even his rescuers were amazed by his recovery and call Benny their “miracle boy”. In 6 months he went from weighing only 562 pounds to weighing 912 pounds! He returned to being a healthy, happy horse.

If you have difficulty watching the video above, the video below is shares Benny’s story as well and updates everyone on how he’s doing 2 years later.

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