Naughty Corgi Hilariously Distracts His Parents From Working

A playful Corgi has figured out the best way to play with his toys and get his family’s attention. Dash the Corgi regularly accompanies his dad to the office but when the pandemic shifted to working remotely from home, Dash adapted just like his parents did. And for the dog that meant learning to throw his toy onto his parents work desk!

His pawrents shared the funny videos on social media, capturing the playful Corgi’s mischief. “Work from home they said. It will be fun they said,” reads one TikTok video’s caption. Fun for Dash the Corgi that is for sure!

Dash’s fans love his throws. “Not distracting at all,” proclaimed one fan. One viewer commented, “Those throws are impressive.” Another wrote, “He’s battling his arch-enemy…the computer!”

Even his parents admit Dash is pretty clever crediting him with “10 points for the light trick” which you can see in the TikTok video below:

@dash_and_furrious 10 points for the light trick #fyp #dogsoftiktok #corgisoftiktok #ReTokforNature ♬ original sound – Dash The Corgi

We think Dash is pretty clever for bopping his mom and dad in the head!

In another delightful video Dash shows just how he gets that momentum to chuck his toys as he “charges up for the perfect throw!”

@dash_and_furrious he’s charging up 🔋🔋 #fyp #corgis #dogsoftiktok #ShowOffLandOFrost ♬ original sound – Dash The Corgi

In case you think things might be different when Dash is brought to the office…nope! Work at the office isn’t much different from at home.

@dash_and_furrious Not him at the end drinking water from his toy #dogsoftiktok #33333 ♬ original sound – Dash The Corgi

People can’t help but laugh at Dash’s seemingly endless energy. “He’s like one of those rewind toys,” said one viewer. Dash has very good aim too, just look at the waste bin shots in the video below. NBA here we come!

@dash_and_furrious @NBA r u looking for a 2 feet tall player? #dogsoftiktok #nba #fyp #corgisoftiktok ♬ original sound – Dash The Corgi

As one viewer noted, “Using dad as a backboard is genius.” What do you think of Dash’s technique? As dog lovers, we think Dash is the most welcome distraction ever and everyone should have an office companion like Dash.

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