New Mother Fights Off Rare Autoimmune Disorder Just Weeks After Giving Birth

Holly gave birth to her first child when she was 26 years old. Like any new mother she couldn’t wait to bring her baby home and begin taking care of her baby daughter! But less than 3 weeks after giving birth, Holly was about to begin a harrowing journey. It started when she noticed a pain in her neck and weakness in her legs.

Within 12 hours she could no longer walk. Within 72 hours, she was completely paralyzed and could no longer breathe on her own. She was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder, called Guillain-Barre syndrome and was admitted to ICU, where she would spend 2.5 months hooked up to machines to stay alive.

Gradually Holly began to recover, but it would be an incredible challenge to regain her motor skills and ability to breath on her own. Throughout her struggles, Holly would dream of returning home to her baby daughter and her husband.

Watching her journey from her heartbreaking time in ICU to her incredible recovery is truly inspirational!

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