Mother Outraged At Service Dog Handler After She Refuses To Let Daughter Pet Dog

A service dog handler’s footage of a mother angered by being told “no” when she asked if her daughter could pet the dog has gone viral after it was posted on the Internet.

Megan Stoff was in a mall in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania training several dogs to be service animals with fellow service dog handlers when she was approached by the woman.

She related what she says occurred prior to the video being recorded, writing:

“Can my daughter pet your dogs?”
Me: “no”
She walks away. Complains to whoever she had with her that it’s so rude we don’t let them pet.
Comes back and says all this.”

The “all this” was the woman arguing with the handler that “You should have a sign saying you can’t pet!”

To which she responded that the dogs “literally has 4 signs on each dog” [she is referring to the patches on the dogs’ vests ~ ed.].

Megan told Newsflare: “The mother walked away and continued about her business. Suddenly she came back to argue because she was mad the handler didn’t apologize to her.”

Megan was so stunned that she shared her thoughts on Facebook writing:

“Had this crazy experience yesterday at the mall where some lady asked if she could pet the dogs. People ask us all the time so I just said, “no.” All the dogs are working so it’s my go to answer. And they walked away. No big deal right? This lady went out of her way to come back with her child and yell at us for saying “no” and for not saying, “nO iM sOrRy ThEy’Re TrAiNiNg.” And we should “have a sign or something.” You mean the 20 patches on my dog that say don’t pet? Entitlement these days is real. They even got mall security because we said they couldn’t pet the working dogs. Security said that the lady was crying. So much harassment for just saying no. This video is public and is shareable. There was no common sense here.”

If you have any trouble viewing the video above, try the one below:

The video has quickly garnered millions of views with many people sharing their shock and disbelief at what happened to Megan and her friends.

Many people weighed in on the exchange. One commented: “Sorry you went through that. That’s absolutely ridiculous”. Another wrote: “1. It is not illegal to record anyone in a public place lol. 2. Wow!!! I can’t believe that lady! “You should have a sign?!” Lol does she expect you to carry around a large sign everywhere you go (along with the patches on your dog’s vest)? People really are just so ignorant and entitled. I’m glad the owner stood up for you.”

One other person commented that it seems adults are the ones that need to learn better: “My dogs are not service dogs so anyone can pet them , but I noticed that kids ask every time. Adults almost never do. Why do kids know this basic question and are okay with ‘no’ and adults don’t???”

Hopefully, the incident serves as a learning moment not only for the young mother but those who may see the video.

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