Man Spent 35 Years Working As A Baker Until He Stepped On Stage And Began Singing

Martin Hurkens always had a dream of being an opera singer, but he did not have the money to stay in music school. Instead, became a baker to make a living and for 32 years he baked, but his singing was mostly reserved for when he was home with his family.

When he lost his job, the Dutch baker’s daughters wanted to help him realize his lifelong dream and entered him in the reality TV talent show “Holland Has Talent” back in 2010. The 58-year-old “paparotti” won legions of fans and the competition!

In the video below, Martin takes to the streets of Holland like a simple busker would, places down his hat, and sings “You Raise Me Up”. Soon a crowd gathers round to listen to the humble baker with the incredible voice!

If you want to see the performance that got Hurkens’ singing career started take a look at the video below. You’ll understand why he’s gone on to become a huge success!

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