Man’s Quick Reflexes Saves Girl From Crashing Into Pole With Her Bike

A young girl got into some serious trouble when she lost control of her bicycle and was heading downhill straight for a telephone pole. But thank goodness a man standing outside of a bar noticed the impending disaster and sprang into action.

Surveillance video taken in Américo Brasiliense, São Paulo, Brazil shows a group of men chatting outside of a bar just before the girl suddenly appears. She is careening down the street and is struggling to keep control of her bike and she appears unable to brake. That’s when the man dashes over and grabs her just in the nick of time.

The person who posted the video appears to be the bar owner. He captioned the video, “A patron in my bar sees that a girl lost control of her bicycle and is fast enough to grab her before hitting a pole. “Dad reflexes in action.”

The Good Samaritan wasn’t without some pain for his efforts. His foot appears to have gotten run over by the bike and he hobbles away to nurse the wound. The young girl makes sure to walk over to her hero and shake his hand in thanks. The man seems to recover well enough to walk over to his friends, who give him slaps and pats on the back for a job well done!

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