Cat Takes Amazing Selfies That Include His Pack Of Dogs

When it comes to selfies, we’re used to seeing shots of people taking pictures of themselves or with their favorite besties. But it’s not common to see a cat taking pictures of himself with his canine friends.

But that’s exactly what Manny the cat does. Or, at least he grew fascinated enough by GoPro cameras that he reaches his paw out to touch the electronic device every time he sees one. The end results are some pretty amazing selfies of Manny and his pack of doggie pals, which his human graciously shares on Instagram, much to the delight of Manny’s followers.

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Manny’s human says the cat is the boss of his dogs. That becomes pretty clear when you see all the dogs trying to squeeze into that selfie shot with Manny. He’s obviously pretty popular with the pack!

According to @yoremahn, Manny learned to use the GoPro completely by chance when he reached out and touched the camera one day.

Since then, the cat has taken some selfies that put mine to shame. What’s even more touching about this savvy cat photographer is that Manny showed up as a stray at @yoremahm’s house shortly after his old cat had died. Now, Manny is part of the family!

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