Mange-Riddled Puppy Transforms Into Wonderful Dog Thanks To Rescuer’s Encouragement

When an abandoned Pit Bull puppy arrived at Hoke County Animal Shelter, she had the worst mange case they had ever seen.

The tiny puppy named Paige was completely hairless and very, very sick and would need lots of care to recover. Paige was pulled from the shelter by Nicole with Perfectly Imperfect Pups rescue who covered the poor pup in medicated cream and wrapped her up in bandages.

Paige simply curled up in her crate and slept, refusing to budge. Nicole knew the pup needed encouragement and love.

“Girl, you got somebody to fight for you,” Nicole told the sick pup as she lay next to her. “Now it’s your time to fight.”

After weeks in her crate, Paige began to show signs of improvement She stepped out of her crate and little by little she began to act like puppy. Paige would soon come to the attention of Veronica, who would take Paige on the rest of her healing journey!

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