Manatee Watches Over Stranded Dog Like A “Guardian Angel” Until Help Arrives

A dog who fell into a Florida river had an unusual “angel” watching over him until help arrived. White Dog had fallen into the Hillsborough River and couldn’t scale the concrete seawall to get out. A passerby called the Tampa Police Department and when they arrived they noticed a manatee keeping the scared puppy company.

One officer snapped the photo and posted it to Facebook. The department wrote:

“Remember the dramatic rescue of the pooch in the water yesterday? Officer Jodie Maxim captured this amazing photo of the kindness between animals. While setting up the rescue operation, look closely, this manatee kept our scared, wet pup company until TPD Marine Patrol could complete the rescue.”

“You don’t see that every day, and it’s a great reminder… the importance of kindness.”

Manatees are curious creatures by nature and this one was probably attracted by White Dog’s whimpering.


Photo credit: Tampa Police Department

The aquatic animal also likely deterred alligators from approaching and harming the dog. Many people commented on social media that the manatee was White Dog’s “guardian angel”.


Photo credit: Tampa Police Department

White dog had escaped his yard and was reunited with his relieved owners shortly after.

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