Man Tries To Help Dogs Chained Up In Snowstorm And Gets Arrested

Terry Paxton just wanted what’s best for the two dogs neighboring his Virginia storage unit business. But when he recently tried to get Girl and Daisy help after a cold snow storm, he ended up in a whole lot of trouble.

The two dogs are considered guard dogs and spend their days chained up outside the property. Paxton has fed the dogs for years without issue from the dogs’ owners, John and Glenda Venable, until he called the local animal control warden, Micky Martin, when he grew concerned about the animals being left in the bitter cold.

“You can see there for yourself and the waters were still froze, no food, and so on,” Paxton showed ABC 13 on the site where the dogs live, “and I called Micky back, and I said, ‘Look you really need to do something about this.’ He wouldn’t return my calls.”

“They haven’t been mistreated and they have not missed any meals,” Appomattox County Animal Warden Micky Martin told the news station. “When we had snow they could get water from the snow. We had a bird dog that would go and eat snow.”

When Paxton couldn’t get Martin to act, he sent some pictures to a friend and soon the photos went viral online, prompting animal lovers to flood the county’s dispatch with calls. This did not go over well with the Venables who asked for a protective order against Paxton and had him arrested for stalking.

He is now prohibited from taking photos of the dogs, the property, and the Venables, according to the news channel. He said it was never about the owners but about the dogs. “These animals deserve better,” he says, “I was just trying to make it better for them.”

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