Man Catches A Fish That Swims Inside His Flooded Home

Saul Saldana decided to make the best of the floodwaters filling his home by going fishing – inside his living room! The father made his family laugh as he dove after the fish that had swum into their home after the rains from Hurricane Harvey filled their house in Houston, Texas.

In the video captured by his daughter, he is seen diving into the water to catch the fish that came inside when they opened the back door of the house in an attempt to drain the water.

The fish is swimming around in their living room and making its way to the dining room when Saldana splashes down into the knee high water.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, he manages to catch it by its tail! And do you notice what’s hanging on the wall behind him on the wall when he catches the fish? Now that’s a funny coincidence!

Although this family shared a brief moment of levity amidst the Hurricane Harvey, many people in Texas are currently in danger from the flooding. Consider donating to the Red Cross to help with disaster relief efforts.

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