Southern Man Tries To Speak Without His Accent And His Wife Can’t Stop Laughing

This man tries his very best to speak without his Southern accent and his wife caught it all on camera. Hilarious!!!

It’s amazing how different words sound in the South, so much so that this man’s wife even says to him, “Now, in English”, as if he were speaking a completely different language!

In fact, the difficulties in understanding people with different accents is exemplified by this funny story:

Reddit user groorgwrx writes:

Went to southern Alabama and I ordered a sandwich. The lady said “water wait”. I said OK?
“Water wait”
“Water wait?!”
“Whiiiiitttee or wheeeeaaat?”
That’s pretty much verbatim how that conversation went.
“Connecticut Yankee in Deep South Alabama” a short story.

Now watch as this Southerner masters his “English” accent! This made me smile so much!

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