71-Year-Old Man’s Method For Shoveling Snow Teaches People A Few New Tricks

You just might learn something by watching this 71-year-old demonstrate his way of shoveling snow from a driveway. On this particular day the snow is about 8 inches deep and it’s a chilly 28 degrees Fahrenheit (-2 Celsius) outside.

He starts by digging a single path through to the road. He then starts shoveling the snow on one side, removing the snow in small clumps. When he comes back he lets out a “whew”. As he continues you’ll see how efficient and relatively quick he gets the task done!

The gentleman who posted the video is the one playing the fiddle in the background and says that he is about to turn 73 and still shovels snow, but he’s now getting help from his son. Other septuagenarians applaud the snow shoveler’s technique.

“Great technique, take a little at a time! That’s the way to do it,” commented one viewer.

Another wrote on YouTube, “I’m 73 and I’ve been shoveling this way for a few years, being retired I have a lot more time than muscle power. If it’s a lot of snow I make a single path up and then use my electric snowblower to do the rest – it’s not quick but it works.”

But another viewer pointed out that “snowblowers only work sometimes” adding “Thick, heavy, wet snow is shovel time. Just takes patience, and, like this guy, don’t try to move too much at one time.”

Others agree, pointing out how efficient the 71-year-old snow shoveler is. One commented, “That is what I call ‘economy of effort”. Spot on!” Another added, “Good job, and those shovels with the offset pole make the job easier on the back, less need to bend over. If it’s a blizzard, I go out every couple of hours and shovel rather be than waiting for the snow to stop.”

Added a viewer, “I know that feeling at 0:48 when you turn around after the first shoveling down and realize ‘man I’ve got some work to do’. It’s why I invested in a snowblower. But even then sometimes you gotta get the shovel out for that heavy packed snow. Nice technique.”

It seems that some viewers didn’t need to learn the technique but just needed some inspiration to keep on shoveling. “I started shoveling my driveway like that in my 30s and been doing it for 25 years,” said one viewer. “I guess I was an old soul. Hope to keep shoveling well into my 70s just like him.”

Yet another concluded to much agreement, “It’s a deceptive ‘work-out’, the old snow shovellin'”

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