Heroic Man Saves Injured Cat Trapped On Freeway Not Once But Twice

Richard Christianson was driving on a freeway in Arizona when he saw a cat stuck in the fencing on the side of the median. The first thing he did was call 911 to get help. He was told to contact the Arizona Humane Society who told him he would need to call the Department of Public Safety because of the cat was on the dangerous roadway. On Facebook, he said the cat was struggling for more than 7 hours without help.

cat stuck on side of freeway

Photo credit: Facebook

That’s when he gave up waiting and walked along the freeway himself to rescue the cat and take him to the humane society.

He filmed a video (see below) as he approached the terrified cat.

As he gets closer to the animal he reassures him that he’s going to help and then notices blood on the fencing and concrete. The poor cat’s paw was stuck in the wire fencing and it looks like he had been trying to free himself by chewing on his paw and the metal.

cat stuck on side of freeway

Photo credit: Facebook

“He (looked) at me in total surprise and as if he was asking me to save him. The poor little guy seemed joyous and relieved to see me. There was no struggle whatsoever- he just went lump in my arms and started to purr,” Christianson told ABC 15.

When he got the cat to the Arizona Humane Society, he was rushed into surgery for his jaw and paws. A humane society representative told Fox 29 that they weren’t sure how the cat got stuck on the freeway, but burns on his legs give a clue that he might have been trapped inside a car engine and gotten free only to get trapped in the fence.

Christianson told the humane society that he wanted to adopt the cat he named Freeway. But first Freeway needed to clear his mandatory wait period and recover in foster care. Once he had, the American Curl was free to go home with Christianson.

Christianson already has three dogs and four cats and said he didn’t have any hesitation in saving Freeway’s life.

“I was presented a situation in life where I had the opportunity to help out a little (furry) friend who was in a bad jam in which I chose to take part in and help out,” he said on Facebook. “As humans we all should look out for one another…A life is a life…(Regardless) if it’s skin, fur, feathers or scales.”

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