Man Risks Life To Save Dog In Sinkhole As Dangerous Floods Rage Just Meters Away

As the unprecedented, historic flooding affects over 33 million people in Pakistan, people are bravely doing their best to save lives. One group of people came to the rescue of a dog after he fell into a muddy sinkhole very close to an overflowing river.

TikTokker @ayantareeno shared videos of the daring and dangerous rescue. A white dog can be seen in a muddy sinkhole several feet down as water seeps through the sand.

@ayantareeno / Tiktok

The dog looks fearfully up at the people above.

@ayantareeno he is so afraid 😨 😱 😳 😔 😫 😩 😨 😱 😳 😔 😫 😩 😨 😱 😳 😔 😫 😩 #pti_zindabad #pti_zindabad ♬ original sound – Danish Habib

A young man is lowered down into the sandy pit with just a makeshift rope made with pieces of cloth wrapped around his waist.

@ayantareeno brave boy save the dog . 🐕 please pray for balochtan and all over Pakistan #muslim #ik #AikArielBees #tiktok #tareen #pti_zindabad ..#tiktokteammat ♬ original sound – aYanAhmed

The man grabs hold of the dog and with several tugs, the pair are successfully lifted to the surface.

@ayantareeno / Tiktok

If you have trouble viewing the TikTok video above, try the reddit version below:

As the man reaches the top, the camera pans over to the river bridge behind them. The few seconds of footage is terrifying. It wouldn’t take long for the pit the dog was in to fill with water!

A follow up video from @ayantareeno shows just how dangerous the flooding at the bridge just meters away from the rescuers is!

@ayantareeno #tareen ##tareen #tiktok #muslim #pakistanzindabad #tiktok #ik #AikArielBees #hussaini ♬ original sound – Hurrair Ahmad

Over a third of Pakistan is covered in water. Over a thousand people have died so far, with 33 million displaced. That these kind people took the time to save the dog even as their homes and livelihoods are swept away by the waters is simply remarkable.

To help relief efforts in Pakistan, please visit the websites of the Red Cross and other International aid organizations.

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