Man Has Emotional Reunion With Dog After Fighting In Court For Ownership

Just watch what the dog does as soon as he sees his human … this is a man who really loves his dog!

A small dog named Baby Boy escaped his backyard and was taken in by a stranger who had unwittingly purchased the dog from someone on the street.

When Baby Boy’s original owner and the woman who had purchased the dog came to Judge Judy to decide who the dog belonged with, the dog helped Judge Judy come to a decision.

The woman had taken the dog to a vet in an effort to prove the dog couldn’t be the original owner’s because of the dog’s age and breed. But Judge Judy rightly points out that such factors are approximations and not definitive.

Without the evidence to settle the case in one way or another Judge Judy asked the defendant to fetch Baby Boy.

The woman reluctantly brought Baby Boy into the courtroom, and she had to be prompted by Judge Judy several times to put the dog down on the floor. But the moment Baby Boy is placed down it becomes abundantly clear who the dog’s family really is.

The dog immediately darts over to the plaintiff and jumps on his leg, desperately wanting to be picked up.

What an emotional ending!

There’s certainly a lesson to be learned for future dog owners that no one should trust someone trying to sell a dog on the street. It could be someone dog-flipping, or it could be a lost or stolen dog the person is trying to sell.

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