Man Rescues Frenchie Puppy Born with Birth Defects and Helps Get Her Walking

A tiny French Bulldog was thrown away by her breeders because she was born with bone deformities and incontinence. They wanted to put the puppy down but when Tye Friis and his rescue organization Boss Farms heard about the pup, they rescued her.

Nuggy (aka Chicken Nugget) came to them when she was 10 weeks old. She had difficulty walking because as Tye explained on social media, “Nuggy has deformities in her back legs that made her movements more like a bunny hopping than a puppy running.”

Tye also said, “She couldn’t control her potty so she had to learn to but along the way would leave me little ‘nuggets’ to find and clean, hence her name Nuggy lol.”

Despite her health challenges, Nuggy didn’t have any idea that she had special needs and no one at the rescue was going to tell her. Tye knew Nuggy had the fighting spirit needed to get better.

It didn’t take long for her to be climbing couch stairs to get to Goliath the Great Dane so she could climb all over him. She made such fast progress.

“After a few months of hard work and lots of lovin’, a previous adopter of one of my rescue cats (Fig) knew she wanted Nuggy and would give her the best life,” Tye wrote on Instagram. “Lemme tell you, she has!!!”

Nuggy is getting the best care. She’s continuing with her rehab and she is loved and cherished beyond measure. Tye said of Nuggy, “She hit a home run with her family.”

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