Man Rescues Baby Marmoset from Road and Returns Her to Her Mother

A man who noticed a baby common marmoset lying on the street stopped to reunite her with her mother. The tiny monkey is no bigger than the man’s hand and is clinging to the asphalt. The passerby gently lifts her up and brings her over to a nearby tree where her concerned parent is watching.

The baby monkey’s mother makes some fearful chirps and is unsure if she should flee or grab her youngster from the stranger. But the man moves slowly and places the baby next to her on the tree. The infant first clings to the bark before being scooped up by the adult and whisked away.

When the video of the man’s kind gesture appeared on reddit it indicated the New World monkey was a lion tamarin, but people were quick to point out the monkey is actually a common marmoset, a New World monkey that is often found in towns and cities throughout the northeastern coast of Brazil.

Another reddit viewer pointed out that the parent is likely the father, not the mother, as they said that it is the dad marmosets who take care of the babies and “bring it to mom to nurse every couple hours.”

It’s unclear how the tiny baby got separated from her family and ended up on the road. Usually, baby marmosets cling quite tightly to their caregivers.

In any event, adult marmoset is no doubt greatly relieved that their baby is out of harm’s way and back in their arms!

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