Man Rescues And Revives Trapped Hummingbird After It Collapses In His Hands

A tiny young hummingbird flew into this man’s house and got stuck in the recessed skylight in his bathroom. The man tried to catch the bird repeatedly, but it was scared and confused and kept bashing into the skylight trying to escape. After several hours of attempting to rescue the bird, he was finally able to catch it. The exhausted hummingbird went limp in his hands and completely gave up.

Gently holding the bird, he took it outside to let it free. But the bird didn’t budge and just lay still in the palm of his hand. He thought he might have given the bird a heart attack! That’s when the young man came up an idea for how to possibly resuscitate the bird. What happened next is truly beautiful!

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Hummingbirds are so delicate! This family rescued one after it became stuck to chewing gum on the ground.

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