Man Learns Lesson To Never Tease A Lion

A man tailgating an Asiatic lion with his car got a lesson he’ll never forget. The large lion did not appreciate his annoying follower and decided to teach him a lesson in manners.

The passenger and driver were visiting Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in Gujarat, India, when they caught sight of a magnificent lion strolling casually on the dirt road.

The tourist rolled down his window to get a close-up video, as the vehicle trails closely behind the lion. The lion doesn’t appear to acknowledge their presence…at first.

The videographer gets a little too enamoured with filming to realize the King of the Jungle stopping in his tracks. The lion stares at the man for a second, flicks his tongue, and then lets out a snarl that you just have to hear.

No wonder the guy quickly rolls up his window and lets out a frightened yelp – he must have just realized he pissed off a lion with his window open!

I think the lion certainly told him off and the message was received. Be sure to turn up the volume when watching the video to get the full effect of the lion’s snarl.

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