Man Jailed After Camera Installed In Popular Animal Dumping Spot Catches Him

A man pulled off the road and forced his dog out of the car, abandoning her at the roadside. What he didn’t know was a camera was recording the whole thing.

Sixty-two-year-old Gorge Spears was seen discarding the dog at the popular dumping grounds of southeast Dallas’ Dowdy Ferry. Cameras show him pulling off the road, yanking the dog from the backseat of the car by her long metal chain, and then speeding off.

The small brown and white dog is last seen walking aimlessly, the heavy chain around her neck dragging behind her. The story could have taken a very sad turn, but fortunately it didn’t, thanks to rescue volunteers.

Volunteers who work with the Dowdy Ferry Animal Commission, and regularly search the dumping grounds, found the small dog the next day curled up on the ground. The dog’s long metal chain had gotten tangled on a stick, leading rescuers to initially think she was chained up and dumped.

Screenshot via YouTube

Below is a video of her touching rescue.

They nicknamed her Claira-Belle/Ladybird (now known as KD) and contacted Dallas Animal Services. KD was brought back to the shelter and later, upon reviewing video from cameras the Dallas Marshall’s Office has set up to monitor the area, they recognized KD.

Media outlets in Dallas shared the video and Spears later turned himself in to authorities shortly after. He said he dumped the dog because his sister said she was having trouble caring for the dog. Spears now faces animal cruelty charges.

The SPCA of Texas said “This is the first time these cameras have captured an incident of alleged animal cruelty that has led to an arrest, and it marks the beginning of a close partnership between the SPCA of Texas and the Dallas Marshall’s Office in ongoing efforts to crack down on animal cruelty in the Dowdy Ferry and surrounding areas.”

Days later, the 1-year-old dog already has a forever home. KD’s new family says she is a wonderful addition to her family. Reagan Henderson, who adopted KD, shared, “Here’s an update on this sweet puppy!! Claira-Belle (Now KD) is doing extremely well in her new home! She is quite possibly the sweetest dog I have ever met. From the time we got home on Saturday to now, KD has brought so much love into my home already. She enjoys cuddling on the couch, watching TV, and going for walks around the neighborhood. She is extremely calm and just wants to love everyone she meets.”

“I was a little nervous about how she would adjust to her new surroundings because she was so timid in the shelter, but this beautiful girl has blown me away,” Henderson added. “Thank you to the people who rescued her and to the SPCA who brought us together. My heart is so so full of love and gratitude!!”

Authorities hope the successful arrest of Spears helps deter irresponsible dog owners from dumping dogs in Dowdy Ferry.

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