Man Hilariously Struggles To Escape Slippery Yard While Fetching Dog

He just wanted to bring the dog inside but it turned into a hilarious adventure. Preston Johnston ventured outside to fetch his dog, Thor, and bring him inside, but Mother Nature (and inappropriate footwear) had other ideas.

His wife explained on YouTube how it happened:

The video is of my husband, Preston Johnston, and our 1-year-old Lab named Thor. On February 1st, 2023, we got hit with freezing rain and ice, one week after 5 inches of snow. Thor was out back in his pen enjoying the weather. Preston thought it would be real quick to bring Thor inside because it hadn’t been an issue. Well, a man is no match for Mother Nature. He slid on the way down. He got Thor and realized that he would have to fight to make it 30 yards back to the house! He was definitely exhausted after he made it in, but Thor was ready to play!

As the video reveals, Preston tried to get Thor to mush him up the hill. But in the end Preston applied a little human ingenuity (that post!), and makes it back inside safely.

Viewers thought the video was adorable and couldn’t stop laughing. “He’s going to be there till spring but I think the dog will leave him by then,” joked one person.


“The struggle is real,” said another.

“It’s all about the shoes. At that point, I’d take them off and brave it,” suggested another viewer. We agree, or crampons. Crampons will work!

Preston’s struggles remind us of the “Canadian Driveway Ice Hysterics” when a daughter tried to exit her car on an icy driveway. Hilarity ensues. Mother Nature definitely puts us in our place!

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