Man Stops To Help Elderly Woman Walking Wrong Direction To Hospital In Pouring Rain

When Max first saw Annette, she was walking in the wrong direction on a very rainy, miserable day. The elderly woman was having a difficult time making her way along a busy street in Vancouver, BC, and clearly needed a helping hand.

Max, who goes as hotdogwehaveaweiner on reddit, decided to do something about it and shared what he did on the popular social media site.

“This is Annette,” he wrote. “I saw her walking along 12th today. It was raining/hailing and she clearly had a hard time walking.”

“She could only take a few steps at a time and then had to rest. I pulled over at the next block and walked over to her and asked her if she wanted a ride. She held my hand as we walked to my car. Turns out she was on her way to the hospital, got off on the wrong stop and was walking in the wrong direction. I gave her a ride and she gave me a hug.”

This is Annette and I. I saw her walking along 12th yesterday. from vancouver

Max posted a picture along with his story in hopes that others step forward to help if they see someone like Annette in their daily lives.

“She told me I was her angel and that she wished there were more people like me out there,” Max wrote. “It actually made me really sad that this was an uncommon thing for her. We all need help in one way or another. I know I do.”

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