14 Of The Most Magnificent Trees In The World

Trees are one of Nature’s most precious creations. Not only do they provide us with oxygen that allow us to breath, they provide us with much of the material that we use in every day life for thousands of years.

They not only sustain life, they are stunningly beautiful. A few are technically not trees (bamboo is actually a grass, rhododendrons are in fact shrubs, and wisteria is actually a vine), but nevertheless all these plants are majestic!

1. A 144-Year-Old Wisteria Tree, Japan

This giant, 144-year-old wisteria plant is located in the Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan. This impressive specimen is 1,990 square meters.

2. Angel Oak Tree, Charleston

This Angel Oak is so impressive that the South Carolina, Charleston park it is located in is called “Angel Oak Park”. The tree is said to be over 400 years old, is 66.5 feet tall and 28 feet in circumference. Its canopy covers over 17,000 of ground.

3. Dragon Blood Trees, Yemen

These trees are wild looking and have a frightening name, but they have a lot of purpose. Their crimson sap inspired their name. It is used as a dye and once was used as violin varnish.

4. Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan

This beautiful bamboo forest is located in Arashiyama, a nationally designated Historic Site and Place of Scenic Beauty.

5. A 125+ Year Old Rhododrendon Tree, Canada

This giant rhododendron is a 125 years old! Although technically more of a bush than a tree, these plants are the official flower of Nepal. In that country, the flower is used in cooking where it is used fresh, dried or even pickled.

6. Autumn Maple, Portland

This beautiful tree makes its home at the Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon. The Autumn maple, or Japanese maple, has been cultivated in its home country of Japan for centuries, but started making its way to other temperate areas of the world in the 1800s.

7. Cherry Blossom Trees, Germany

Found in Bonn, Germany, this fantastic pink tunnel of blossoms is particularly beautiful in April, when it is in full bloom.

8. Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree, Hawaii

Found throughout the South Pacific, the bark of these trees is incredibly colorful and the pulpwood they produce is used to make paper.

9. The President: 3,200 Year Old Seqoia Tree, California

This huge California sequoia is the third largest sequoia in the world reaching the incredible height of 241 feet and a ground circumference of 93 feet.

10. Jacaranda Trees, South Africa

The tree’s name derives from the Guarani language meaning “fragrant”.

11. Baobab Trees, Madagascar

The baobabs have thick trunks that are good at storing water during the droughts in their native Madagascar.

12. The Dark Hedges, Ireland

The 300-year-old Beech trees have become intertwined to create this spectacular avenue in Northern Ireland. Growing along Bregagh Road the trees are known as the Dark Hedges and were featured in the popular television series Game of Thrones.

13. Underwater Mangrove Tree

Mangrove trees grow where no tree has grown before. They are able to survive in salt water and in “soil” which is unstable and poor in oxygen. They also stand up to swelling rivers cand violent storms.

14. 1000-Years-Old Yew Trees, Wales

Britain has some of the oldest yew trees in Europe. In fact, the yew tree in St. Cynog churchyard in Defynnog near Sennybridge, Powys, Wales, is more than 5,000 years old!

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