Lost Dog Stranded On Freezing Mountain Highway Reunited With Owner Thanks To Snow Plower

He was playing at a brake check when Archer got hit by another trucker and ran away.

A dog who spent three cold nights on a wintery mountain highway had a happy reunion with his owner after being rescued by a snow plower.

Carlie Holman is a VSA Highway Maintenance worker and was snowplowing the Coquihalla highway in British Columbia, Canada, when a coworker radioed her that there was a dog up on a snowbank.

She immediately went to the dog’s aid, climbing a 4 foot hill covered in deep snow to save him accompanied by her forman Ron. She was able to coax the frightened dog down and the moment she had a hold of him, the dog became immediately friendly. “He jumped on me and started kissing me and stuff, and then of course we got him down,” she told Kelowna Now.

Carlie Holman

The Coquihalla, which is located in BC’s interior is regularly covered in deep snow and has icy cold conditions in the winter, with its summit 4081 feet (1244) above sea level. It’s a dangerous stretch of road and Archer would likely not have survived long in the below freezing temperatures.

But the mastiff-lab mix turned out to have survived three nights in the bitter cold. Holman posted information about the dog she nicknamed Chance on social media after taking him to the vet and bringing him home.

That’s when she was contacted by a trucker named Toni who lives in the neighboring province of Alberta who told her the dog is named Archer. He had been walking Archer at the brake check on the summit when the dog was hit by a vehicle. Archer ran off and Toni could not find him in the pitch black after several hours of searching.

Carlie Holman

He didn’t know if Archer was alive or dead so when he saw Holman’s post he was overjoyed.

“He cried, I cried. Best news ever!” says Holman.

A few days later and Toni was on his way to BC to reunite with Archer.

Carlie Holman

Holman shared the happy reunion and it’s clear that Archer is very happy to put his ordeal behind him and be back with his dad.

Holman says she was sad to say goodbye to Archer, but thrilled that he’s back with his family. And Toni says he’s going to rename Archer, “Chance” in honor of Holman’s rescue.

Here is a video from a local news station on the story.

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