Lost Dog Hops Onto Train And Ends Up Getting ‘The Royal Treatment’

Recently, the CCTV cameras of the Metro Trains Melbourne “caught a very special passenger riding on the network.” Storm the Labrador Retriever was visiting Melbourne, Australia with his family when he ended up going on a big adventure.

Storm got separated from his family after he escaped the backyard of the place where his family was staying. He ended up at Hoppers Crossing metro train station and approached the train when it arrived at the platform. When the doors opened, he jumped on board.

Metro Trains Melbourne

A few stations later (about 20 miles away), Storm got off with a Good Samaritan and was greeted by a metro trains employee. Storm said a happy hello to his new friend with a wagging tail and before long he had a whole group of new friends looking after him!

Metro Trains Melbourne

“After Storm got off the train […] the Metro team gave him the royal treatment!” Metro Trains Melbourne wrote.

The transit company shared video of Storm’s solo holiday that tells the whole story:

Metro Trains staff brought Storm to a nearby station and happily he was soon reunited with his family.

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