Cute Lop Bunny Is Best Friends With Peter Rabbit Toy

When it comes to play time this rabbit has one toy that is his favorite. And it just so happens to be Peter Rabbit! Nelix is a 1-year-old mini-lop bunny who, his owners say, is “smitten with his Peter Rabbit toy.” Watch and the cutie jumps around and makes sure ‘Peter’ follows wherever he goes.

A few viewers indicated Nelix might be looking for a companion. One person wrote, “Although very cute, it tells you something about this beautiful bunny. He needs a companion. It wouldn’t be a big deal at all to get another ‘fixed’ bunny.” Another viewer mentioned the same thing, writing, “That’s why they call them bunnies…But a very adorable video none the less.”

If you are wondering what a lop rabbit (or lop-eared rabbit) is compared to a standard rabbit, lop-rabbits are any rabbit that has floppy ears that droop instead of ears that stand erect. There are quite a few rabbit breeds with this trait including the Mini Lop (like Nelix) and American Fuzzy Lop, English Lop and more.

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