Woman Hangs Christmas Lights Behind Her Bed To Make Stunning Headboard

Do you have a blank wall in your bedroom that needs something extra to liven it up? This creative and affordable project from Nastazsa just might be the answer. In the following video, she shows how to make a “Light Up Headboard”. It’s a light feature that you attach behind your bed using a curtain rod and Christmas lights!

For this project you’ll need:

– Curtain rod (whatever length you want)
– Mini Christmas lights (two boxes of 300 lights were used in video)
– Damage-free plastic hooks (she uses a full 18 pack)
– Curtains (she uses a Teresia curtain from IKEA)

Nastazsa walks through the simple steps for assembling and hanging the lights. I love the end results. It gives the room a wonderful warm glow where it was just an austere white wall before.

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