Adopted Dog And Foster Child Share Unbreakable Bond

Together is their favorite place to be. A heartwarming bond has formed between a Labradoodle and a young foster boy, brought together by circumstances and their family. A little over three years ago, Kari Lewis became the foster mom to an 11-month-old boy named Buddy.

She brought Buddy home at the same time her mother’s dog, Reagan, turned 11 months old. Sandi Swiridoff (Kari’s mom) had adopted the Australian Labradoodle after Kari’s two previous foster children moved on to their forever family. Sandi needed something, someone, to pour her love and attention into and got Reagan.

But no one in the family expected what happened next. The instant Buddy and Reagan met, there was an instant connection. Not only do they share the same birthday and are the exact same age, the two share everything together.

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“Together is our favorite place to be.”


For the past 2 years, the two have been sharing adventures together.



They play together.

Cuddle and sleep together.



Read together.

They just love to be together no matter what.


And although Buddy has not officially be adopted yet, Kari is hoping it will be soon so the two can “get to keep adventuring forever.”

“What IS official is that, no matter what, we’ll be friends forever.”


The two have also opened their hearts to a little sister.

Now two has become three.


“Little Buddy has become an awesome big brother. Every time BabyGirl cries, he runs to her side, and says, ‘It’s Okay, sister, I’m here.'”


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