Kind Woman Braves The Danger To Free Skunk From Dr Pepper Can

Roxane Delaire was driving near her home in Gatineau, Quebec, when she saw an unusual sight on the sidewalk. A skunk was wandering dangerously close to the road but the poor creature could not see where she was going because her head was trapped in an aluminum can.

Delaire ran over to the animal in distress while her friends watched from the car. She bravely reaches for the skunk and tries to pull the Dr. Pepper soda can off the skunk’s head but it won’t budge so she runs back to the car to get a pair of gloves to help with her rescue:

The gloves definitely helped and Delaire successfully pulls the can off of the skunk’s head. Fortunately, it does not appear that Delaire got sprayed by the skunk and the relieved skunk wanders off to a safer spot. She definitely saved the skunk’s life! In addition to the video as a way of remembering her good deed, Delaire also kept the can as a souvenir.

Delaire’s compassionate actions has won her lots of praise online and the video of her rescue has gone viral. Delaire was modest about the accolades and simply wrote in response, “It was a really nice moment.”

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