Kind Men Rescue Deer Who Fell Onto Frozen River

Two Canadian men out ice fishing caught a different kind of animal when they spotted it injured on the frozen Winnipeg River.

Jayden Belanger and Shayne Mozdzen were out ice fishing in Kenora, Ontario when they spotted a deer on the ice. “[W]e came across a deer that had fallen off a cliff and couldn’t stand on the ice or get off,” Belanger wrote on ViralHog’s YouTube channel.

They figured the best way to help her would be to tow her back into shore using rope and their ice skates so that’s what they did. In the video Mozdzen can be seen dragging the deer along the frozen river.


When they got to the shore like Mozdzen helped the deer get up.  One of the deer’s front legs looks injured but Belanger said she perked up shortly after they released her.

He said, “We pulled her to the nearest house with flat land and got her off the ice, she was very tired and had a hard time walking at first but she will be completely fine and live to see another day!

Watch their rescue in the video below:

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