Kind Man Rescues Bald Eagle From Drowning

A man out fishing ended up catching a bald eagle in distress and saving the raptor’s life.

When Roger Giles was fishing on the Missouri River near Cooper’s Landing in Columbia, Missouri, he noticed a bald eagle in trouble.

“I went out to check a trot line and saw the eagle on the bank, seemingly in distress. It jumped into the water, got water-logged and was starting to go under when I pulled it out,” Roger told Roger transported the water-logged bird in his boat back to shore.

photo credit: Roger Giles

Knowing the bird needed expert help, he took the bird to the raptor rehab (Rehab Project of University of Missouri).

photo credit: Roger Giles

His actions received many accolades from animal lovers on, with many thanking him for his kindness and for saving the “majestic bird.” Rose wrote, “Amazing…even the eagles have their “angels”….thank you for saving this eagle in distress, you ARE amazing!”

SeniorLass commented, “Thank you so much for saving this beautiful bird. What a thrill to get a close up and personal look at such a magnificent creature. Hopefully you will be able to keep us posted.”

man saves drowning bald eagle

photo credit: Roger Giles

Roger did update everyone on the eagle’s progress, writing: “That you for the kind words, it was my honor to assist this eagle in its time of distress. Feedback from the MU CVM Raptor Rehabilitation Program is that all tests/x-rays have come back good, the eagle is eating, and is recovering its strength. Best theory to date is that it was injured in a fight with another raptor (along our stretch of the Missouri River there are many eagles, hawks, vultures, etc., but that will likely never be verifiable. Our hope is that the eagle improves to the extent that it can be released, and all involved are optimistic that this will be the ultimate outcome.”

photo credit: Roger Giles

As for the many kind words he received, Roger was modest. “You all are good people, I suspect you’d have done the same if you had been faced with the same situation.”

This article was originally published on on September 23, 2013 and is reprinted here with permission.

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