Kids Shock Their Parents With Incredibly Thoughtful Gift For Their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Fifty years after driving away from their wedding in a 1965 Mustang, this couple never thought they’d see it again. But Tim and Ruth Bredahl’s daughters had a special surprise planned for them.

Tim and Ruth began their marriage driving around in the red Mustang. Tim had saved up all his money just before they got married to purchase the car for their wedding day. The Mustang stayed in the family for 30 years, until they finally sold it.

When his daughter, Michelle, discovered that the very same car was sitting in a broker’s warehouse, she and her sister, Heather, knew they had found their parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary present.

The couple opened their gift together and found a miniature red sports car with the keys to their original ’65 Mustang inside! The car also has the perfect bumper banner, “Just Married! 50 Years Ago. Same Girl. Same Guy. Same Car.”

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