Mommy Or Daddy? Kids Debate Who Is Better In Hilarious Video

Does anyone else’s kids fight over whether mommy or daddy is better? That’s what Megan (TikTokker @megba1413) is wondering after sharing her kids’ debate in the car.

In the hilarious video, Megan’s three children give their arguments as to who is better. Is it mommy? Or is it daddy? Their arguments are actually pretty insightful and they are also hysterically funny.

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If you have trouble viewing the TikTok video above, try the reddit version below:

Viewers are absolutely delighted with the children’s reasons and captivated by the debate.

“This is the most respectful and intelligent debate I have heard in years,” wrote one viewer.

“Definitely some solid arguments on both sides, lol,” wrote another.

“These kids are able to hold a constructive discussion (open, honest AND respectful) better than so many adults,” said one viewer. “Well done to the parents.”

Other parents couldn’t help but share what their kids have told them.

“My young son once said, Dad is the entertainment and Mom is for keeping us alive,” remarked on parent.

Another parent shared, “My 3yo makes it very clear that he thinks Mama is better. We’ll be sitting around or doing whatever, and he’ll randomly give me a big hug and say, ‘I love you, Mama. I LOVE you sooo much!’ Then, he’ll turn to my husband, pat him on the shoulder, and say, ‘I like you, dad.’ Lol”

Yet another mom shared her story: “4 year old said, ‘everyone that I love, raise your hand.’ We all raise our hand. “Not you mom”.

One mother wrote, “My son used to quietly whisper to me at bedtime that he loved me more but don’t tell Daddy because it will hurt his feelings.”

Another observed this pointed exchange they shared: “My friends kid was angry with him over something and very seriously told him ‘Daddy I love you but I don’t like you. But you’re smarter than Mommy.’ lol.”

And many others thought Mom Megan is the silent MVP of the video. “I’m amazed how long she has a straight face. I would’ve had to pull over from laughing,” commented one redditor.

The majority of viewers thought mom might not have been on the winning side. “The takeaway is Daddy does not stink and mommy, you need to start taking more showers,” observed one viewer.

But another viewer replied, “No no, daddy still toots. He just doesn’t stink all the time.”

The original poster to Reddit said, “This video really should be captioned ‘in defence of daddy’ because those two [girls] were throwing shade.”

But what was unanimous among viewers was the laughter it brings.

“That has got to be the best funniest video I have seen in a long time,” said one fan.

“It made me laugh so hard,” wrote another.

And one concluded nicely, “They have some good arguments. There must be good people on both sides lol.”

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