Adorable Orphaned Wombat Thinks The Perfect Place To Sleep Is In A Chest Of Drawers

Meet Kenny the wombat! The marsupial was rescued after a kind couple found his poor mother run over by a car and Kenny still alive inside her pouch. They drove him over 100 miles to the Australian Reptile Park sanctuary in New South Wales, Australia, where he could be looked after. The gentleman’s name was Ken, so the tiny animal was named “Kenny” after one of his rescuers.

The little orphan was not in good health when he arrived, but he’s a real little fighter.


After getting round-the-clock bottle feedings by the caretakers he began to regain his health.



Kenny was only 385 grams (13.6 ounces) when he arrived at the park, but adults may weigh over 60 pounds (30 kg)!


Kenny’s favorite place to sleep is in a chest-of-drawers.


He likes to pull it out and take a nap!


Wombats live in burrows. Maybe that’s why Kenny likes the snugness of a drawer.


It looks like Kenny likes sleeping with stuffed toys too!


Wombats have large claws for digging in the dirt and they like to eat grasses, plants and roots and mainly feed at night.


Being marsupials, wombats are like kangaroos. But their pouch opens to the rear to ensure it doesn’t fill with soil while they dig.


Their rear ends are also protected by a bony plate that acts as a defensive shield if they happen to be chased down a burrow by a predator.


When a wombat baby is born they remain in their mother’s pouch for around six months. After that, they will stay with their mother for almost another year.


It’s difficult for orphans like Kenny to go back into the wild.


But the sanctuary staff has hopes he can be re-introduced into the wild when he’s ready.


He is growing up fast but he still loves to cuddle!


Kenny’s photos are republished on with permission from the Australian Reptile Park.

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